Friday, March 4, 2011

Writing the perfect male vampire

What makes a "perfect"male vampire? Some would say his looks, others would say his command or his eyes, but I say its how he lures you in without you even knowing it and then its too late. Oh, he has the charm, the looks, the body that stops you dead in your tracks and makes you drool like a fool, but,its that uncontrollability ,that one weakness in you that he finds most appealing and "latches" on to it so tight that no matter what you do to ignore it, all his looks, his fire that ignites the flame inside you,the iciness of his touch and smooth way he has that melts you into his hands...ah, you are his muse to be played with and play he will. That my friends is my kind of vampire and Kane Smith is exactly that.

Oh, he knows what he wants, Candra. She is his match, maybe more so, who knows. She has fire in her belly and he loves a challenge. Usually, he's not one to let the female walk over him and have her way, but with Candra, knowing her and he does know her full well, he lets things slide...a little. But, only a little, and then reminds her of his position.

Yes, they are well matched. Both strong minded, strong willed and use to getting what they want.

Keep coming back, I'll be talking more on how I dealt with writing this book, and what my thoughts were on the characters should be and why.

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