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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Day after day
I rise and weep
for the world outside is so cold
and yet, I am to believe that this is not true
but tis the truth.
The lost soul of one who I teach, reach and give
is a battle unto himself and I am the lone warrior
who must defend myself from him, for he knows not
what he does and when I reach for help there is
none to give nor receive…for I am by myself in this.
When I revel in my successes I call to those most
dear to my heart, but goes on bended ear, none shall
hear and so I weep.
It is those that I speak of, those who I’ve known all my
life that I weep mostly for, for I, the accused, am blamed
for the attendance I give not and yet, when I call out to them
they hear me not and so I weep once more.
It is now that I must contemplate what I desire most and that
is my happiness and so I shall.
You shall not hear from me again, nor feel the warm embrace
for I who so willingly gave to you and was shunned, close up the
walls and leave the coldness out and there I shall be, alone, content
and happily so.