Thursday, March 17, 2011

What vampire do you like?

This was my dilemma. I've read and viewed many vampires, some not really scary, some scared the pants off me, while others left me drooling and in which I wished I was the victim he held.

When it came to writing my book, I had in mind what kind of vampire I wanted, certainly not like Edward Cullen, the "Weenie" as I often refer to him as, but someone with more evilness, more desire, someone who wouldn't be pushed around and someone who took what he wanted regardless of what the circumstances were,someone like Damien from "The Vampire Diaries", but with a little more mystery about him.

I also had to contend that when I wrote this book, it was for an audience of Young adult, so no matter how intensely involved I got with my vampire when I wrote, I had to "CONTROL" myself and my muse to cool it when it came to scenes where he and Candra were involved...needless to say...that didn't happen...thank God my publisher had her good senses about her and fixed all my "heated" scenes (stupid muse). The scenes still are tantalizing but in a control manner now.

I like vampires who take control, who don't take lightly to others pushing them around. They know their place and the power to which they hold and if you step out of dearly for it. Candra, being hot tempered at times and doesn't like to be kept in her place either and steps out of line with Kane even though she has been warned.

The two of them, Kane and Candra, are so well matched, that they tend to grate on each other, well he more on her. Its this bond that makes this union a very powerful one, which can lead to all sorts of problems, what they are I cannot say, but what I can say is that, Candra is in a time in her life where great things are yet to come.

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