Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Sequel storyline is set!

I want to tell you where most of this storyline to the sequel will take place,but I want that to be a secret.

I will tell you this, when you do read Birthright, read carefully and between the lines, and pay close attention to what Kane says to Candra at all times. His background is in one of his lines.
So, even though you may want to read fast to see what will happen, next, I'm telling you...don't.

In the sequel it'll be all about her bloodline, history, some of it good, but most of it not so good and it'll take her and Kane to far away places. A lot more action, where she'll meet yet more of her family. Does this mean a happy reunion, I don't think so. Remember, she is with Kane now, so what do you think?

The surprises she came upon when she came back home was nothing compared to what she is up against now, but her family, the Rosewood Coven, know of her strength so they have prepared themselves for that as well. So you see, the next book will be filled with much suspense, will Candra and Kane survive again, or will the Rosewood Coven win out after all?

I wonder what my muse has to say to all this?


  1. Hi, Sue. I'm glad you warned us because I'm the reader who flies through the color of flowers and the look of the sky as I hunt for the meat and potatoes of the story... *sad face* Now, when I do get my hands upon your novel, I will have to force myself to slow down... I hate that!! ;)


  2. Sorry James, but you'll like it though and the sequel will be even better that I promise you!


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