Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Candra's Past

When I first started to write Birthright, I didn't research a background for my main character, I just had an idea as to what it might have been, and as I wrote it just came to me. So, now that its done, I still don't have a set background for her or her family, only that they are obsessed with her and now I have to figure out why...one would think I should have thought of this long time ago no? But I'm a type A personality and I just dive in without thinking full out what I'm doing and hope that things will turn out for the best and they usually do!

But now that I'm doing a sequel, I REALLY need to know her background as well as her families. So, after much dilly dallying this morning, I finally went, headache and all. I found one entry, a Vampire Encyclopedia. The book is thick, I'm not talking a few inches thick, like as thick as Harry Potter's last book thick. I felt defeated, but I sat down at the table, pen and paper ready to go and I page through the many pages...starting at page 568. I turn page after page, some insightful, others, just nothing, after about ten minutes, I'm ready to give up. My headache is getting worse and I"m hungry.

I decide to look at the Romanian Vampire seeing how Kane speaks to Candra in that language (spoiler). I look up, mouth wide open, actually gaping and I mouth, "O M G". I found what I needed, the EXACT information that pieces what I wrote and will aid in the sequel perfectly.
I'm like, "LUNCH!"

I'm out the door, eyes pounding, but happy and I come home, to find a package. My silk painting equipment arrived, YAY again! It's a great day!

Now, I can begin my sequel. All is right with the world!

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