Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Candra's Mad scene

She's been marked at least twice now, two more and she's totally his, but with their last meeting having been weeks, months gone, the need for him burns steadily and shes sinks into a depression that seems to engulf her very soul. Her neighbor, Mr. Bennet goes to her and tries to get her to leave her room and come downstairs, to which she eventually decides to do, but then...

“I suppose, if that will make you happy.” I got up and sauntered out of the room and down the hallway. As I walked past the bathroom, I planted myself and slowly turned my focus to the opened doorway. Muscles rigid, I started to tremble.
Mr. Bennet stopped when he found himself walking alone. He turned to see where I had gone and found me, convulsing on the floor outside the bathroom.
“Candra are you alright? What’s wrong?” He hurried back.
“I-I can’t… I can’t do this anymore. He’s not here and yet I feel him. It’s as though he lives inside me, twisting my guts with such pain that I want to yanked them out onto the floor. His presence is so thick in this house, this room…” Tears welled up and then came spilling down my face. “Every part of me is screaming for relief!” I clutched Mr. Bennet so tight he looked horror-stricken.

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