Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Writing styles

I don't know about you and how you all write, but I've found that whatever I'm reading, my writing tends to lean in that style, whether its Shakespeare (my Dark Love prose), Keri Arthur (Moon lust), Trueblood (Love on the Fly).

So I was just wondering if you have saw that in your own writing? The books I've read, I find that I love the authors, their style and storyline and the strength of their characters. I'm not copying what they write, but it's like with my art project I had to do. I had to pick an artist and copy a piece of work which he had done and then do a second piece using that artists technique and create your own...let's say Raphael! Which I did and which I had given to Gaynor, seeing how she herself had done the same picture as I had done in art class.

So, is it odd that when after I had read something, my writing tends to lean in that style? or am I just an oddity to the writing world. for thought it is.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trick or Treat

Halloween night, something about this holiday makes me like a kid again. I would wait for night to fall, then the sounds of distant voice yelling out the familiar, “Trick or treat!” It was more than I could stand! Then you’d come home with your bag full of candy and empty it out making a pile of your favorites no one can touch, to the pile that was just gross flavors or never heard of items.

Well, I’m all grown up now, boy am I grown up. Had I known that my body was going to develop into something that even Dolly Parton would be jealous of, I think I would have become a nun, as it stands, I didn’t know and no I didn’t hear the calling, visualizing this body in a habit…I immediately made my mind go blank. Anyway, I was invited to a Halloween party, costumes and all. You can imagine my look when Paul, he’s my partner at the law firm, told me I should dress up as a bunny and not the furry kind either. Did guys think they were funny when they said that kind of stuff? Apparently so, but it must be just for their gender, because you never saw a women laugh at that kind of remark. High school, that’s what it reminded me of.

“You just keep thinking that alright, in the meantime, I’m going back to my office where I can be an adult.”

“You’re so uptight Sara, gotta loosen up a bit, you don’t know what you’re missing!” Paul sniggered some more, jabbing his buddies in the arm.

“Oh, I know what I’m missing, and believe me, it isn’t much.” I walked into my little piece of heaven and shut the door behind me. I just stood there; eyes closed and breathed in deep. The world was nothing but a nut case. Isn’t there anyone sane left? I was brought back into reality when someone knocked on my door.

As I composed myself, I opened it and there stood the most handsome man I had ever seen. Tall, suntanned and black, thick hair, my fingers itched to run them through it. He was a picture out of GQ, chiseled features and emerald eyes that, oh, that drenched you their cool depths. I was drowning.

“Did I come at a bad time?”

What a voice too! Deep, throaty and very sexy, was I dreaming? I pinched myself to make sure, nope.

“Miss Kimble?”

“Oh, oh, um yes, I mean, no, come in…sorry about that. I, uh, I was thinking…” Yeah, thinking how much I’d love to just back you into a corner and…do things.


“Yes, thinking that I shouldn’t just have you stand there and not…”Let you have your way with me. Now, I’m acting as bad as Paul. Snap out of it Sara!

“Can I help you?” Was all I could say, I’m so professional aren’t’ I?

“I’m here to assist, watch, and learn. In other words you are my mentor; I need to observe you and how you handle a high profile case. The name is Dylan, Dylan Whitaker. Did you not receive my email?”

I stared blankly at him, wakey, wakey Sara! “Yes, I did receive your email and I totally forgot you were coming today. I’m so sorry if I seemed all confused, this case has gotten me quite stressed out. So, did you read about the case, the file I sent you in that email?”

“Yes I did and it seems to be a difficult one at that. I can sympathize with you on the stress. I’d be stressed out too, but you come highly recommended and I’ve read so much about you and the cases you handle. You’re quite good.”

Wow, he read about me. I’m impressed; he has a mind as well as a body. He probably could dance circles around Paul. Paul…oh he is in for a treat. I was smiling from ear to ear on that thought.

“So, what do you want me to do today? Do you have any meetings, or whatever else you do as a lawyer?”

I couldn’t think of anything at that time, not that I didn’t have loads to do, because I did, but I didn’t feel like working on it, at least, not right at that moment. Work was the farthest thing from my mind.

“You want to go to a party with me tonight?” I can’t believe I had asked him. I hardly know the man and here I was acting like a school girl, no, like Paul.

“A party? What kind of party?” He didn’t look surprised, nor did he look like I was being a bit forward. In fact he looked interested in the whole idea. This is getting even better.

“It’s a Halloween party and you have to dress up. I didn’t want to go by myself and frankly, there isn’t anyone here that I’d ask…”

“Except, me right?” He raised his eyebrow and smiled. How devilish he looked. I sighed.

“Well, yeah, but you’re different. You’re not like them.” I nodded toward the others that still were standing around at the water cooler.

“Oh, I don’t know if that’s true. You don’t know me, we just met, remember? How do you know that I’m not like them?”

“For one thing, you dress impeccable, and your mannerisms are so much better than them. You act intelligent, which is such a breath of fresh air.” Then I gasped. You act intelligent, I actually said that, was I, I was. I was pompous.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“Oh, you did mean it and I forgive you. Yes, I’d be delighted to go with you. What time?”

“Is eight alright? You can pick me up at my apartment.” I quickly wrote down my address and handed it to him.

“Eight it is. See you then.”

When he walked out, I wanted to faint, he had said yes to my invitation and I was going to be the envy of all the women here at the firm. Yes!

He came, right on time, but he had no mask on, just his costume, which was alright, he looked something like Hugh Hefner. I wondered if he had talked with Paul after all, I mean, it was Paul who wanted me to be a Playboy bunny. This was too close for comfort.

“No mask?” I asked.

“What and hide this face?” He lifted his chin and gave me his best profile. I was wrong, he was just like them.

“I see your point, shall we go? It’s getting late.” I tried to not act like a snob, but he was starting to rub me the wrong way.

When we arrived and was let in, it took all I could to get through the crowd. I’ve never seen so many people and everyone dressed up in some great costumes, some not so and some just outright lewd. I blushed when I saw those.

“Here I got you a drink; let’s go somewhere, where it’s not so crowded. Maybe somewhere a little bit more secluded?”

“What are you trying to do Mr. Whitaker, seduce me?” He is cute, but like I said, he was just like all the rest of them.

“Me? Why Sara you misjudge me. I just thought that it’s a bit loud and crowded and I don’t know you yet, so why not go somewhere, where we could…talk. Get to know one another better.”

Oh, he oozed charmed he did, but I couldn’t be mean and say no, or could I? No, I had to give him a chance. So I followed him. We found a nice place in the yard, far away from everyone and quite frankly nestled in a nice wall of evergreens. It was dark and secluded alright, I wondered if he was ever here before.
We talked and I told him about how I got started and then he told me all about himself. Seems he was top of his class at Harvard. During that time out there, he showed me his true colors. He was a gentleman, just rough around the edges still, but they were nice edges, real nice edges.

After a while, things heated up and I had to test the waters, so I let him kiss me and I have to say I never had a kiss like that. It took all my strength to keep me from ripping off his shirt and whatever else I could get my hands on. He was intense! I thought the safest place for my hands were on his face, so I gently held his face as we continued to kiss, passionately, but then something odd was happening. My fingers felt a ridge, just at the hair line. I didn’t notice anything odd about his face before, but no, there was a definite edge there. I began to play with it, feel where it was going, but he never said a word to me all the while I did that, which is good. Either he was so into me or, I don’t know what, but it was all around his face.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to find out so I placed my fingers underneath it’s’ lip and pulled. A sucky, tacky noise hit the silence between us and within minutes it was off. I was mortified and sickened. There before me was a creature for all said purposes, not Dylan, whose face all pocked full of holes and indentations to which a thick, and dark liquid poured out of their crevices, vile and putrid. It smelled of decay.

“Ah, thank you for removing my mask; I was getting rather warm under there.”

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Untimely Death

Next thing I knew was I was on something flat, cold and uncomfortable. My ankle hurt, and being not too coherent, I went to feel what was wrong, only I couldn’t. Pain shot through my left arm as I moved it. That wasn’t the only pain I felt either, between my legs felt raw too, God who had their jollies off me without me knowing or being able to partake in the fun, but I don’t think there was any fun to be had in the way I felt.

Handcuffs, silver and I must have struggled some without remembering, because my wrists were raw and red.


I tried to get my eyes to focus, but whatever was hampering my sight, was also hampering my recovery too, damn. So, the only thing I could do that didn’t require movement or vision was to hear anything that sounded familiar, like maybe…”Lenny?” I said somewhat loud, nothing. “Lenny?” Then a muffle, faint, but nevertheless, it was still something, but not enough to register who it was or belonged too. I had to get out of these cuffs but being silver, any movement was like a knife cutting through, it also made me terribly weak.

“Lenny are you here?” I yelled this time.

“H…Hadley?” The voice was weak, but oh such a relief.

“I can’t see you, are you alright?” I waited on baited breath, hoping that he was,and that nothing was seriously wrong.

“Y-You sound so close, like below me. I am alright, barely, but yes.”

Below him? What kind of place was this? Below him…could he be, above me then? I looked straight up and there, something dark hung, a body from the outline of it, oddly formed at that.
“I don’t see all of you? I see, your head, arms, maybe your torso, but, damn if you’re above me, how do they have you?” My sight started to un-fog itself, and I was beginning to see why I only saw just parts of him. He hung above me as he had said, but by his ankles, upside down. His arms, pulled out from his sides, tethered to cuffs that had a chains which bolted to the walls of both sides. Shit, he was in an upside down cross position without the cross!

“Lenny, you’re …” He didn’t let me finish.

“Upside down, I know that.” He talked in breathy tones, like each word was a struggle to project out.

“What is this place?” He looked like hell. I wanted to punch, no, kill whoever done this, but who?

“Well, she’s awake I see, aw, and your wrists are raw, red too, no matter. You were so good yesterday, so tight, and oh so juicy, I couldn’t get enough. Damn, there it goes again, I just have to remember last night and my thing gets hot for you. You do turn me on, always have Hadley.”

The voice familiar, oh God and the smell too, “Donovan!” That would explain the soreness. I struggled to see where he was, but being chained down to…”a table? What are your sick plans Donovan? Not that I can’t guess, but clue me in anyway, I’m sure it’ll give your big timber a jolt.”

“Big timber is it? Why, remind me to thank you when I’m finished with your lover there. I plan on cutting off his nuts, just like he did mine. Then I thought I’d let him ooze all over you, sort of a reminder if you will.”

Ok, this sicko has to go and now, but the trick is, how? I couldn’t shift shape into my werewolf form thanks to the silver and I couldn’t move much, but after hearing what was in-store for my viewing pleasure, I didn’t care how bad it was going to hurt, he needed to be killed now.
Donovan wasn’t extremely bright, but he had a wild imagination. In keeping with those thoughts, I decided to get into his mind. Yes, it was my turn to have my jollies. I went in slowly, I wasn’t sure if he was capable of feeling anyone raiding his empty head, and as I pushed my way in deeper, I knew he felt nothing,good. He still had that sappy grin on his face as he sharpened his knife. It was murky, and the thoughts that I was running into would make even the strongest stomach lurch its lunch. I had to work fast, this nut case had big plans not only for Lenny, but for me as well. I began, oh this was too easy, he had no shields. When I had finished, I pulled out. Instantly, as if a light bulb lit up inside his head, he paused. Eyes scrunching like he was thinking, and then stopped all together. Without a word he undid my cuffs around my wrists and ankles and I then took over. I said my goodbyes and it was lights out for Donovan, for good. Going into a mans front pockets was one thing, well, a couple of things. One, it could be pleasurable, depending on the man, and two, this didn't even come close to that, in fact, putting my hand down his pockets, warm and sweaty left much to be desired. I wanted to throwup just then, but fought it back while I dug them out. Carefully, one by one I undid the cuffs, trying to keep a hold on Lenny was like trying to hold up a 3 ton elephant, I hadn't realized how big and strong Lenny really was and how weak I really was. I held onto him though, until I knew he was ok by himself. He looked bad and I wondered if he had the strength to make it out and to the car.

“You sure you’re ok? You look like shit.”

“Thank you for the compliment, so do you.” He half smiled at me and urged me to get him out of here and back home. He was weak, but we did manage to make it out. When I got to where Arch was supposed to be waiting, I found nothing. No car and no Arch.

“Son of a …I told him to stay put!” I searched the area around, but found nothing.

“I need to heal before we go searching.”

I watched as the air around him began to fog up and he began to transform. Bone, sinew crackled and whined as his body morphed larger and his muscle lengthened. It was something to watch, of course, our clothes never did handle the change very well, so we weren’t the kind to buy the popular line of clothing, the cheaply made jeans and shirts did just fine for us. His eyes, never changed from human to wolf though, they still were the same and right now they stared at me.


He eyed me deeper, more intense.

“No, I’ll be alright, I don’t need to shape shift, but if you are feeling better I suggest that you change back so we can find Arch.”

Again, the air where he stood started to fog up and spread. The outer edges crept back into themselves forming the body I remembered and loved. He was a vision, all man and brawn with a touch of caramel silk to his skin, how I wanted to melt into him and be lost forever.

“If I’m not mistaken, I swear you were undressing me with your eyes. Like what you see?” He held his arms out to the sides. His come get me stance. Lord, if he didn’t have his jeans on or what was left of them, I would have attacked him right there on the spot, as it was, I had to restrain myself. Bad timing.

“You know I do and…”I let out a moan of pleasure, “…if it weren’t for that fact that Arch is gone, I’d say partay, but it’ll have to wait.” As much as that pained me to say, I was right and Lenny knew that too.

“Well, let’s get started then shall we, I smelled something just behind me when I shifted, so I’m betting he has to be off in that direction.

So, further north we went, up the road a bit till we came to a side road, gravel and leading deep into the woods. Something I don’t cherish, because when anything felt bad or had gone bad, it usually ended up in the woods and this time was not out of the ordinary, we found the car and Arch.

Dead and mutilated beyond recognition, damn.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My interview with Susan Whitfield

Here is my interview that I had done with Susan Whitfield about my novel Birthright. It was most interesting and different being that we had done this via email.

Go check it out,and pass it on!



Friday, August 12, 2011

#fridayflash, Love on the Fly

It was another one of those hot, muggy summer nights, the kind that made you get angry at the slightest word anyone said to you. My clothes, clung to my skin, wet, heavy…God I wanted to yank them off and go butt naked, but still having my sanity I shrugged it off and went for a walk. The moon was full and the crickets were really singing away. Annoying little buggers.

I found the old creek just past town and I sat on its edge, dangling my feet in its cool waters. It felt good, real good and it got me to thinking, skinny dipping. I remember doing that when I was a teenager, not a care in the world and loving every minute of it. Billy, James and Lee would get in on the action too. We’d sneak out at night, just us boys and head on down quiet like. You see, folks back then didn’t believe in them air conditioners, nope, too proud. So, when it got hot like it did then and now, they’d open their windows to let in what cool breeze there was.

Laughing at dirty jokes we all heard and shushing one another, why it was getting away with murder it was. Sneaking the way we was and all, gosh, if anyone ever saw us, we’d get hauled in jail for indecent exposure. That’s why we had done it, it was dangerous.

When we finally got there, all of us, being boys and all, didn’t care if we saw each other naked, heck we were all boys, it wasn’t like there was a girl with us…too bad. Anyway, we’d be naked as a Jay bird and poking fun at each others, well, you know what I’m talking about don’t cha? I mean, it don’t take no rocket scientist to figure that one out!

Well, like I said, we’d be naked and then James, he’d always bring a rope to tie on the old oak tree so that we could swing out over the water and drop down. It was like flying it was. We pretend that we were all sorts of creatures with wings or, or just swing out to see who could drop down the farthest. Yeah, those were good times.

I remember though, one night while we was swimming and whooping it up, a pretty girl came by, watching us like. It un-nerved us it did, I mean, no one saw us naked, except for just us, but this was a girl and oh my, did she do things to my inners. Things started getting all fired up inside and I didn’t dare get out of the water, not that I was a fraid too mind you, but because of, well, getting all fired up.

“Hello boys, whatcha doing at this time of night?”

We all looked at one another and gulped. Lee had a funny smile on his face, of course, that was normal for him, he was always thinking dirty.

“Nothing much, why don’t you come on in?” Lee was trying to sound sexy, but with his voice being like it was, hoarse and all, he sounded more like a squealing pig.

“Why shame on you boys, now that wouldn’t be very ladylike now, would it?” She yanked at her top, and damn if it wasn’t night, I swear she had no bra on.

“Why sure it would, we’d treat you right now, wouldn’t we fella’s?” Lee getting all hot and bothered sniggered at what he said. Dang if he weren’t an embarrassment to us all.

“I have a better idea, why don’t you follow me over to the sugar shack just down the road and you could treat me and my other girlie friends just right.” She lifted her skimpy top up, exposing her soft, flat abdomen and rubbing it like she were buttering bread. Lord, she was hot.

We all just looked at each other and scrambled out, we didn’t care, we knew we were in for some hot fun. She watched us, and made funny little noises like her stomach was upsetting her. You know, moaning and all, I hoped she wasn’t sick or anything.

“You boys look so nice, your mommy and daddy did a good job making you.”

We smiled, wondering what the hell she meant by that, but whatever it was, it sounded good…I guess.

“Come on now, don’t keep me waiting!” She turned and started to walk away, fast too. Gosh, it took all we could to try to keep up with her. Shoot, Billy kept falling down on the dirt road because his pants still weren’t zipped up yet! He was all in an anxious rush to get her!

“Zip them pants up before you give yourself a concussion. What’s wrong with you?” I was surely annoyed with him. “She gonna think we ain’t got brains or something.”

“Well, then help me damn it!” He was a hopping and falling trying to zip and keep up with us. Man, it was a sight to behold.

“Hell no! I ain’t your ma ma! Dress your self!” Well, he finally did, but we lost her, well, not lost, she just got there before we did was all and when we got there, boy oh boy, we was all excited like ya know. This place was a brothel and we’d done heard what goes on in them buildings and here we was! Yee Haw!

We slapped at our clothes and tried to look sexy and all, but wearing jeans that weren’t exactly tight and plaid shirts just, well, we did alright I suppose.

“Come on in boys and let’s get to know one another like.” We did as she told us to do, but once in, we was shocked. It was like something from the movies it was. All gussied up with red velvet couches and chairs and shoot the lamps were even velvet. This place oozed sex and we all was ready.

“Let’s see Billy you go with Donna and James you’re with Lisa. Mmm, Lee, and I know what you’re like sugar so I’m giving you to Darla. That only leaves you handsome, you’re with me.”

I didn’t know how she knew our names, but I didn’t care and neither did any of the others. We was like lost puppies with our tails hanging between, well, they weren’t hanging anymore though! We just followed like bees to honey we was.

When we got to our room, Courtney, that was her name, told me to strip and lay down on the bed and she’d be back in a minute, then the lights went out. Oh my heart was palpitating like crazy and I done ripped my clothes clean off and jumped on the bed, but then I felt something, warm and soft.

“It’s me go ahead, touch.”

Well, I did as I was told and I touched and oh, I did things that would shame my ma ma. We was there whooping it up for I guess about an hour when I started to smell something rank, like something was decaying.

“Hey, do you smell something funny?”

“Why no, but go ahead and turn the lights on if you want, besides, it’ll be more fun if we watch each other, no?”

“Why it sure would!” I got up so quick, that dang, if I wasn’t ready again. I felt around the wall for the switch and when I found it, I flicked it up.

“There you go ba…”I screamed bloody murder. There on the bed was a corpse, rotting and festering with flies. The sheets were covered in…blood, bits of flesh. I looked down at me and bile rose up my throat and out.

“Baby, you tear me apart you do. Come on, let’s do it again.”

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vampire Girl By David Eddy

She’s one of the undead that lives off the blood of the innocent. Her days are our nights and yet she doesn’t seem to mind. She's the seductress; and needs to be, yet it all seems so natural for her.

As she walks down the street at night, her long dark tresses fan out behind her like the fan tail of a fishing lure. Its result is the same; it attracts attention. It's like, “Hey pay attention, and look at me”. Similar to a moth that can’t resist a flame; they come not knowing the danger of her burning lips of blood red hue.
Yes, those rich full and very inviting lips. They seem to say, come taste my nectar, while her smooth and silky complexion looks warm and yet strangely cool at the same time. Eyes that are wise beyond knowledge, command your full attention. They draw you in and hold you: hypnotizing you with their clarity and color.

The look of sophistication and innocence at the same time has you hooked. You can’t look away. Your feet seem to have a mind of their own, and before you realize it, you find yourself walking toward her. Yes, like a moth to the flame you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. She smiles sweetly to you, her lips part slightly, but you don’t notice the brightly pointed teeth waiting to drink your life’s blood.
You speak but have no idea what you are saying because you are drunk with her nearness, but at the same time her scent draws you in closer and closer.

After some small talk she reaches out and touches your hand with hers; you notice the coolness. You comment and she flippantly dismisses it as having cold blood. Standing, she makes it known that is getting late and that she must be returning home soon; you offer to see her home and smiles saying, “That it is a nice gesture on your part, thank you.”

Offering your arm, you both leave the night club.

On the walk home she giggles and makes silly jokes about how beautiful the night is. You respond that the night air seems to make her come alive and she smiles darkly;” yes, yes it does.”

After a short walk you arrive at her apartment; and you offer of a night cap at her place which seals the evening, but a voice in the back of your mind is screaming: run, run away now!

Ignoring the warnings you follow her to her room. Delighted in the anticipation of an evening of untold bliss wrapped in her arms, fool, how little you know!

The last thing you remember before the light in your eyes grew dim, is the slight prick on your neck as she nuzzles with you on the couch…………………..

From the Inside Looking Out... By David Eddy (my twin)

Have you ever sat in front of a mirror and wondered what it must be like to be on the other side: looking at the world from the inside? Rather “twilight zone” if you ask me. However, really what would it be like? Would it be different? In addition, how do we know we aren’t already on the inside looking out? Think of it from the chicken or the egg perspective. “As I sat in my study, holding my quill in one hand and a crystal orb in the other; I wondered what my mirrored self was thinking as he stared back at me. Forever trapped inside an environment that never changes, and yet changes constantly with each movement of my hand. A skewed view to be certain and yet how is it that I am sure that is not my view that is indeed skewed?
Is the hand that reaches out seemingly touching my own fingertips feeling the warmth of my flesh or merely feeling the cold touch of glass? Does his views differ from mine, or tongue in cheek, do they mirror mine? How does he experience time? Does he age as I do? Or is this aging a reflection of him and in fact I am not aging at all?
He follows my every step; as long as I take the orb with me. This leaves me puzzled: what goes on when I am not in the room? This man, what is his name? Does he sleep? Does he experience the whole spectrum of human emotion, as do I? Where does he go when I am not in the room?
It is truly a mystery; what happens when the lights go out? The orb turns inky black and reflects nothing. Or is it the true nature of me that it is showing? Surely I am not the dark shadow that casts it’s pawl over my crystal orb?
I see books reflected on the orbs’ surface. I know that I am a lover of the arts, but is my reflection? Can he, does he appreciate the writing of Frost, Shakespeare and the scholars of long, long ago?
Is his flame eternal or not? If not what becomes of me should he expire before me, could it be that I would cease to exist? Would I become as the orb in the dark room; with out substance or form?
Oh, orb of crystal, what is thy nature? Are you merely here as an ornament, or are you here to draw my attention and suck me in? I wonder?”

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