Monday, March 28, 2011

The Research

As I wait for my book to come out, I busy myself with the thought of yet another book, the sequel. I have the title, "The Legacy" and the characters of course, Candra Rosewood and Kane Smith, but aside from all that, I have nothing as of yet. I know that she has found out about her background and I can't say what it is because it'll be a spoiler to Birthright and you have to read it to find out, but Candra's problem is not so much herself now, as she thought, it is her family and why are they so obsessed with her.

I am giving this week, my Spring Break, to do much research into her family, and I have found some interesting things. Looking into Utica's history and seeing if there is anything of interest that I could possibly use, seeing how my story does take place there.

I want it to be one of intrigue, and power. Such deliciousness that the readers will be hungry for more as it were (laughs at such playful words).

So keep coming back, I'll be posting my findings daily. Keeping you on your toes and "feeding" you with treats!


  1. Very cool, Sue. I appreciate being on the ground floor of what you are about to show us. Thanks for the follow. When's the book coming out?


  2. The book is due out in April James.


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