Sue Mydliak was born in Flint, Michigan. Came to Illinois when she was a little girl and graduated from Downers Grove South. It wasn't until the book Twilight came out did she develop her interest in writing. It was then in 2011, that her first book, Birthright, was published and made best seller the first week it was out. This lead her to make Birthright into a Trilogy. She has written two other books, Night Games and an anniversary book, Forever, which is Birthright's story, but whose story line is different and geared more for adults. She is currently writing two other books, Eternal and Secrets and has finished illustrating a new children's book, JellyBean Turns Three (see her Children's book website, http://susiebbooks.strikingly.com/)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Philosopher's Stone

The philosopher's stone is a legendary substance, allegedly capable of turning inexpensive metals into gold. It was sometimes believed to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. For a long time, it was the most sought-after goal in Western alchemy. In the view of spiritual alchemy, making the philosopher's stone would bring enlightenment upon the maker and conclude the Great Work. It is also known by several other names, such as 'materia prima.'

The Stone in Alchemy

Transmutation of Metals

The concept apparently originated from the theories of the 8th century Islamic alchemist Geber. He analyzed each Aristotelian element in terms of four basic qualities of hotness, coldness, dryness, and moistness. Thus, fire was both hot and dry, earth cold and dry, water cold and moist, and air hot and moist. He further theorized that every metal was a combination of these four principles, two of them interior and two exterior.

From this premise, it was reasoned that the transmutation of one metal into another could be effected by the rearrangement of its basic qualities. This change would presumably be mediated by a substance, which came to be called al-iksir in Arabic (from which comes the Western term "elixir"). It was often imagined as a dry powder, made from a mythical stone - the "philosopher's stone". The stone was believed to have been composed of a substance called carmot.

Geber's theory and the concept of the philosopher's stone may have been inspired by the knowledge that metals like gold and silver could be hidden in alloys and ores, from which they could be recovered by the appropriate chemical treatment. Geber himself is believed to be the inventor of aqua regia, a mixture of muriatic and nitric acids, which is one of the few substances that can dissolve gold (and is still often used for gold recovery and purification).

(More to follow)

The Philsophers Stone...real or fake?

I love audio books, especially when I am on my way to work and back. The driver's around me are so, so...irritating,annoying, rude, speed demons, and a few other words which I won't say on here because they are inappropriate, but you catch my drift. So I just place in a disk and away I am whisked into another world and if someone durkwad is on my tail, so be it, go around, I am not going to budge.

But I've listened to one other than the one I am listening now (did that make sense?). The last one was about the Salem witch trials, but it was where a girl, a witch, finds out about herself and who she is related too. It takes you back and forth through time,it was very good! It was also a romance type book. The one I am reading now, is about witches, demons and vampires, etc., and both had the same ideas and issues. Both were about the Philosopher's stone (gee, that was in the Harry Potter books as well!), which got me to thinking...did this thing really exist in the alchemist world? Was there such a stone that the witches or alchemists looked for or worst yet, created?

I think I'll do my own research on this stone and see what I can come up with and keep all you readers informed. Most interesting, wouldn't you agree?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The actual place I wrote about in Birthright

I cried...here was a place that for as many times I have been to Starved Rock, I have never walked the trail to see it, but I had to this time. I saw pictures of it only and today I went and saw it.

Six miles and 142 stairs later, I found it and out of sheer exhaustion, I cried. It was so beautiful and I wrote about this place in my novel and then, to actually see the place...wonderful!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

sans coeur

Where he be, the soulless one,

whose passion stirs my blood and lingers there within my heart,

your touch when thee did part.

I wait in vain for next we meet,

in shadows dark and cold,

then happily kiss thy lips when near,

my love…

my heart…

come here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Clearing

The Clearing

Cold and gray, the day wears on as I make my way toward the forest.

“What was I thinking? I’m not going to find it there, yet they told me it’s the only way.”

Talking out loud is the only way to keep from turning back and into the warmth of my home.

Icy cold, the winds’ breath comes sweeping around my neck, sending shivers down my spine. I quicken my steps.

Finally, it stands before me like a towering city, dark and foreboding. Beams of light cast their willowy arms through the canopy urging me in.

I take a deep breath and make my way through the maze of black soldiers with arms outstretched toward heaven, as if they themselves beg for warmth.

“How much farther is it!” I ask. “This is insane! If it’s not here I’ll see to it there’s hell to pay!” I press on.

After a while, ahead in the clearing, it’s like seeing a whole new world, the kind you only hear about in stories told to children to excite their imaginations.

It is glorious and sparkling like diamonds. My eyes pain at the sight, but Oh! It is heaven!
With winter soon on its way, I wonder why this is not so here. Stepping into the clearing, warmth penetrates my face. An inner peace seeps into my soul.

Finding a spot dead center, I sit and lift my face toward the warmth radiating from above. I close my eyes and breathe in the life that fills this place. Then something odd happens. Dizziness, with a faint pain deep within, begins to intensify. As if someone stabs me, the pain is excruciating, unbearable.

My eyes fly open, yet I see nothing. The pain increases and I scream out, but no words come forth. Panic gluts my throat, I try to leave but can’t.

“God help me! It’s evil here, I don’t want to die!”

I faint…

Opening my eyes I find myself in a room, white and sterile. Everything looks hazy. “Where am I?” I ask.

“Well, good afternoon, Katrina,” the doctor says. “You gave us a terrible fright. We almost lost you!” He smiles warmly. “I think we got all the cancer. Rest easy now. You’ve been through quite an ordeal.”

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Interesting turn of events

Well, the book cover I am designing for Vamplit has left me frustrated, so I backed off of it last night so I wouldn't do anymore damage, but instead I have came up with a great idea! I am writing a very short novel, sort of what Stephanie Meyer had done, and create my main male characters side of how he met up with my female main character, Candra. Sort of, his side of the story, letting readers know a little bit more about him and how he came into to play. I thought this would be a good..."appetizer" while they wait for the sequel to come out. Something to keep their interest going until then. It'll be simply titled "Kane".

So far, its going loads smoother than my artwork.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Vampire Name

The Great Archives determine that I have gone by the identity: Sorceress of Scandanavia
Known in some parts of the world as: Leto of Bats and Shadows
The Great Archives Record: Slipping amongst the shadows, flitting between dark places, always quiet.
Get your own vampire name from The Vampire Name Generator!

Found this awesome little site, Vampire name generator and had to try it out. I have to tell you, it's pretty much true to how I really am. The "flitting between dark places" is true, because I'd go downstairs to where my son is either playing games or working on his art work and I'd just stand there until he turns around and finds me, scaring him half to death. I'm known as "ninja mom" Pretty nifty name if I do say so myself and I am quiet. Try it yourselves!


Infact, I'd like you all to post what your name is on my blog here! I shared mine, what's yours?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthright now on NOOK

It has finally made the infamous goal (I'm being dramatic now), but Birthright is now be purchased, online, at Barnes and Nobles for those who own a Nook! Yes! I was thrilled to see it there and felt so, author like?
It doesn't take much for me to get excited and this definately made me excited!

So, for those of you who have a Nook, go to this link and download my book!


And, please give your review because they are very helpful! Happy reading!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthright found on blogger, "Online Novels"

I hadn't checked my author email until now and found this email from the webmaster of Novels Online, telling me that she posted Birthright and it's free coupon download. http://online-novels.blogspot.com/2006/05/recent-additions-temp.html

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Birthright by Sue Mydliak LIMITED TIME
The price of this novel is regularly $1.99 to download, but it is FREE on Smashwords by entering coupon code BH93C at the time of checkout.
When Candra Rosewood returns to Utica she's already missed her parents funeral and everything she thought about her family turns out to be a lie.
When Kane turns up unannounced on her doorstep, Candra, fights her strange need for him. Is he somehow involved in her parents’ death? Is the mysterious Mr Bennet a friend or foe, and can she trust him when he says she's descended from powerful vampires.
Birthright is a novel that opens the door on family secrets. Both Kane and Candra are locked into a shared past neither of them can escape. Evil is everywhere waiting to pounce. Candra must decide who is a friend and find out what her birthright really is.
When everything in your life is lost, whom can you trust and who will be there to pick up the pieces and help you put them back together, family or a stranger. FANTASY.

I had no idea!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chapter 1 of sequel started!

You would think that being at work, at a middle school would not be an ideal place to write, but it is! My muse seems to be in the mood to write, although at times tends to be difficult and the flow of ideas, words, seem to get stuck, but whatever difficulties I have been experiencing, I now have the first chapter written!

So, to give you a treat to what is to happen, I will let you see the first paragraph, but if you haven't read Birthright, my suggestion to you is...read it.

I never thought that killing a person would make me feel...complete, but when I smelled his blood, that warm rust scent, I had to smile. I had no compassion for the man,a man who hid the truth from me until it was too late. He ruined my life and tried to end it. I only regret that I didn't do it sooner, but then, I couldn't, not before this. It would have seemed appalling.

I will be amiss on Facebook, now that I have started the next book, The Legacy. You can catch me on here for updates and interesting tidbits that might be clues to the sequel.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vampires and Pregnancy Originally posted to the VAMPYRES list by Javelina

What should be expected from the interaction between vampirism and pregnancy depends on what characteristics one chooses for the vampiric infection, and may also be affected by one's suppositions as to whether a fetus should be considered human and/or alive. As an entity with a firm attachment to its hide in an intact condition, I hasten to add that these musings represent the purest speculation. No true wanderers of the night have any cause for outrage, regardless of their position in the choice/life/whatever street riot. The strains of vampirism tend to run along a continuum from biology to possession. The more mystical variants should be just as likely as other forms of magic to act on individual selves and lives, whose definition may become important.

Biological Models:
Some types of vampirism, of which the infections described by P.N. Elrod or Lee Killough may be considered typical, operate very much like conventional diseases. Among humans, some pathogens cross the placenta and affect the fetus while others do not. The outcome of the vampiric conversion of a pregnant woman would probably depend on whether or not the entity responsible for the infection does so. If it does, the fetus should be sustained by the infection quite as well as the woman would be. The fetus might or might not ever be born, but there is no reason to expect a miscarriage. If pregnancy progresses, the infant should be a vampire also. If the infection does not cross the placenta, a female vampire, almost certainly non-breathing, would be unable to support a still-human fetus. It would die, and, one _hopes_, miscarry promptly.

Spirit models:
Ricean vampires are infected with the spirit of a poltergeist that invaded the ancient queen Akasha. Many other wanderers of the night share a similar condition, in which the infection is not a living organism but a ghost or force transmitted according to more or less arbitrary rules. Here, one also ought to enquire whether the pregnant woman is (1) one life carrying another equivalent life, (2) a single entity, in which one life encompasses all, or (3) one life carrying a non-equivalent life or potential life in a relationship akin to parasitism.

Spirit model (two equivalent lives):
The woman, not the fetus, is being infected. The infection could behave like either the placenta-crossing or non-crossing biological infections above.

Spirit model (one life):
If the pregnant woman is a single life, a symbiotic entity, the vampiric spirit should maintain the unit in an unchanged condition... permanent pregnancy. Ouch.

Spirit model (two nonequivalent lives):
This might result in miscarriage. If it did not, the outcome would imply that *all* of the living occupants of the human body participate in the vampiric transformation. The normal bacterial of the human intestine, any possible mundane pathogens, and any possible parasites, would all be transformed. Vampire tapeworms, anyon

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dhampir: Children of the Undead

Gypsies believed there were types of vampires called Mules. The Mule, although dead men, aren't the corpses of their prior bodies. Instead they wander around in new bodies that are exact duplicates. The Mule, although they don't drink blood, would occasionally reappear to their tribe and ask for their wives.

The resulting offspring were given reserved names. The Gypsies of Novopazarski Zandzak and Stari Ras called these children Vampijerovic and would name them Lampijerovic. The Orthodox Gypsies of Kosovo-Metohija called them Vampiric (little vampire) and would name the boys Vampir and the girls Vampirera.

The Moslem Gypsies believed that a woman should not resist the sexual assault of a vampire. She may scream but everyone else had to sit still and allow it to continue. The children of such attacks were called a Dhampir and believed to have the power to see vampires and destroy them. Others could see vampires by having the Dhampir hand his shirt to them and looking through the sleeve while the Dhampir is hunting the vampire.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Softer side of an author...

This isn't about vampires, romance or wolves, boring I know, but in this case...not so.

I was doing some reflecting, of things that I had gone through, and things that are happening around me...death. Many good friends of mine are going through tough times,although I can't name, names, because...well, just because. But what is happening to them, I, myself, have experienced...death, cancer. Cancer so many times I can't count.

Anyway, I was watching "Vampire Diaries" and Elena lost her only parent she had left, Jen. Yes, its just a t.v. show, but seeing Elena cry, not externally, but internally...it just got me remembering the loss of my own parents.

Where am I going with this you ask? I write best when I am mad or upset and so I wrote this little poem. It just came to me as I was washing dishes and I had to get it down on paper and out to the void here on my computer.

My father dear
had shed one tear
when I his child
did walk...

Then he did shed
a second tear
when I his child did walk...

And then a third
did he then shed
when I his child
did wed...

And then a tear
one oh so dear
when he my dad
did die...


Thursday, May 5, 2011


A dhampir is a being that is half-vampire and half-human, born from a vampire father and a human mother. In some beliefs, the vampire father is the deceased husband of the widowed mother. Dhampirs, in comparison with normal human beings, are unusually adept at killing vampires. The word "dhampir" is associated with folklore of the Roma people of the Balkans.

In the Balkans it is believed that vampires have a great desire for women, so a vampire will return to have intercourse with his wife or with a woman he was attracted to in life. Throughout the area the term dhampir refers to the offspring of a vampire and a human; terms for such a being that are used in various subregions include vampijerović, vampirić ("little vampire"), and lampijerović; in some regions the child is named "Vampir" if a boy and "Vampiresa" if a girl, or "Dhampir" if a boy and "Dhampiresa" if a girl. In other areas it is believed that the offspring of a vampire will "be slippery like jelly, and cannot live" (Vukanovic 1957-1959, pt. 3, p. 112).
Among all Balkan peoples it is believed that the child of a vampire can see and destroy vampires. Among some groups, the ability to see vampires is considered exclusive to dhampirs. The powers of a dhampir may be inherited by the dhampir's offspring. Various means of killing or driving away vampires are recognized among peoples of the region, but the dhampir is seen as the chief agent for dealing with vampires. Methods by which a dhampir kills a vampire include shooting the vampire with a bullet, transfixing it with a hawthorn stake, and performing a ceremony that involves touching "crowns" of lead to the vampire's grave. If the dhampir cannot destroy a vampire, he may command it to leave the area.
A dhampir is always paid well for his services. The amount of money varies, but there is never dickering over the price. Standard pay for a dhampir may also include a meal or a suit of clothing. Sometimes a dhampir is paid in cattle.