Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Arrival is Almost Here!

Could I say that I have been waiting for this day to happen? YES! I can truly say, without a doubt, that being a writer is no easy task, would I do it again? "IN A HEART BEAT!" No pun intended.

At this very moment, dressed in my blood red robe, sicker than a dog,with strep throat, I sent my manuscript back to my publisher. I had just finished going over it for the second time, making sure that the changes of day were following correctly and that the season (Fall going into winter) were going as planned, that needed some tweaking, but nothing drastic needed changing and that my friends is why you take your time and go through it, over and over and over again. You miss so much, tiny things.

The cover I re-did. My husband and I trekked 35 miles outside Joliet, to...now I don't even remember where we went, to find Candra's home. I knew what I wanted, a brick, stately home, out in the middle of nowhere. I looked in Utica, where my story took place, but found nothing extraordinary that spoke to me as saying "that's it!". So, with our coffee in the car and my camera ready for that shot we headed out.

After an hour or so of seeing broken down barns, which were quite cool looking and I was ready to shoot those, because originally the cover was going to be with her home all demolished and Kane standing amongst the ruins, but...as we crested this stretch of highway, there it was. This gorgeous home, BRICK! With the enormous porch that went all around it and gables gallore and towers and...and...I pounded on the window yelling, "THAT'S IT!" I actually had goosebumps when I saw it! It was perfect, the (pronouce as "thee") house. I was so excited to get back to start working on the cover which when I did only took about 45 minutes to finish.

Now, as you can see I don't have Kane standing, nor is the home in ruins. I'm NOT going to make a mess of this beautiful home, this is a vision. So, I thought, to get more of a shock effect for the cover and the story, just have Kane's eyes peering through the house.

Genius right? It turned out great! Well, I think it did. Give me your thoughts! Would love to hear from my readers, that is if I have any readers...

Anyway, the book is due out in APRIL!!!! So, keep coming by, I'll keep you posted with interesting things about the book, my trials of how I went about putting together my first novel and maybe, just maybe some sections from the book!

More to come!

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