Sunday, April 3, 2011

"The Legacy" Birthrights sequel...The Plot Begins

Candra now begins her long journey of figuring out her bloodline. Without spilling out too much of the storyline of Birthright, she and Kane must leave, and quickly. You will notice a change in their characters, she has matured much, and their love for one another has been altered, for the moment, but when you have so much at stake one cannot think of amorous thoughts, but there will be times when they will find it hard to keep their distance if you will.

They will leave the country, to somewhere far away and Candra will yet find new things about her Kane that she didn't know of before, more interesting things that not only will appeal to her, but to those who wish to join them in their...battle.

Yes, Birthright is a very interesting and intriguing story. Filled with mystery that takes you back in time and with each chapter the intrigue grows to such heights that at the end you think that's it, but no dear reader, its only the beginning, because you see the sequel, The Legacy, it only gets worse.

So, I beg you to come back, to keep viewing my blog, because Candra will haunt you if you don't.

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