Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ok, hear me out. I get all my great ideas while relaxing in a hot tub, so I came up with this idea. Candra is a very mysterious character, full of surprises not only to you the reader, but to herself as well! She has to still find out more about who she really is, her bloodline and will have to do some research and lots of traveling, this is where you readers and followers come into play!

I've been coming on my blog, several times a day to check my stats for today...very dismal I must say. So in order to get my blog well noticed and ACTIVE I am proposing that I would like ideas from you as to ... What is Candra's bloodline? I want your thoughts, ideas! GIVE THEM TO ME!!! COME ON PEOPLE DON"T BE SHY LET ME HEAR THEM! And...if I find one that is spot on, I will use it, your name will be mentioned in my acknowledgements when the book is published!

So I will keep posting this post to all my friends on FB and on Tweeter and hopefully it'll get out to the masses and I'll get loads of comments and ideas

So, lets make this blog number 1 and get Candra's bloodline found! OPERATION CANDRA STARTS NOW!

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