Thursday, April 7, 2011

Countess Elizabeth Bathory

In my research I came across Countess Elizabeth Bathory and found this person to be truly a horrific person. Deemed a Vampire in the sense that she drank and bathed in the blood of her victims, but she herself was not a "true" vampire in that she didn't have fangs and couldn't go out in the sunlight, etc.

Elizabeth became pregnant as the result of a brief affair with a peasant man in 1574. When her condition became evident, she was sequestereduntil the baby's birth, due to her engagement to Count Ferenc Nadasdy. They were married in May of 1575. Since Nadasdy was a soldier, he was frequently away for long periods of time. This left Bathory with the duties of managing the affairs of the Nadasdy family estate, Castle Sarvar. It was here that Elizabeth's career of evil truly began, with the disciplining of the large household staff, especially the young girls.

It was after her husbands death that she started in with her atrocities. One of her servants pulled her hair while combing and she slapped her face so hard that she drew blood. This blood fell onto Elizabeths hand and after wiping it clean she thought it appeared youthful, like that of her servants. So she had her manservant strip this young maid of her clothing and slit her throat. There he drained her blood completely into a vat and Elizabeth bathed in the blood to beautify herself into a youthfulness.

This continued until she was finally caught and was tried. Found guilty, she could not be killed because of her royalty, she was then bricked up in a room in her own castle until dead.

It was found that over 612 women had died at Elizabeths hand. Not a pretty thought is it? They say though, she was a beautiful women. Such vanity.


  1. she was a monster! great post, Sue!
    Her castle is a ruin but it still gives me the creeps.
    If any place is haunted, that must surely be.

  2. Oh I know! I was reading this as a possible bloodline for Candra and I was actually getting ill at the thought that this creature/person actually existed!


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