Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Author website with "Birthright" item to buy!

This whole promotion thing when you publish a novel is all new to me, but yet, I've got it down pretty good though! One never knows that there is a whole lot more to writing a novel, then...writing a novel!! It doesn't stop when your manuscript gets published, nope. If you are self publishing no one is going to get your book out there unless you get out there yourself! Post your book on websites, bloggers, tweet it, make sure you have an author website and then post THAT!

I just recently had business cards made for my novel, has my author name, blogger site, and where to purchase my book, but when I was ready to place my order for them, I got a mess of other things I could purchase with my business card logo printed on them! For instance, a cap, stationary, magnetic calendars, notecards, bag tote...etc. It was uncanny! So, I put a paypal button on my Author website and if anyone wants a calendar with my business card on it, they can!

I am so loving this!



  1. Promotional love is a grand thing! Welcome, my friend!

  2. I love the website Sue and this blog too.

  3. It a project still in the making. Thank you though! :) One can never say, "I'm done promoting."


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