Monday, April 4, 2011

The Bloodline

Its hard enough to know your own bloodline. I'm learning new things about my own heritage, it keeps changing! My Grandparents came from Berlin to escape the War, WWII. I was always told they were German. They spoke German, told me bedtime stories in German. Then not too long ago, I was told they weren't German, yes, they lived in Germany, but were Polish, thus for leaving to escape.
Nope. We've been been looking into and found that my Grandpa Braun, who had come to America with my Grandparents, was Russian, and that they weren't German, nor Polish, but now Russian!

Anyway, to make a long story short, the dilemma I face is trying to figure out Candra's bloodline, its hard enough to figure out a "real" one, little lone a fake one. I found it so confusing when I was writing Birthright that I had to keep going back into the earlier chapters to make sure I had the Greats and not the Greats given to the right names! Am I making sense? See!!!!

I can't really explain about Candra without giving a lot of "spoilers", but she is a unique character, more ways than you think and in that uniqueness, is where I am finding it difficult in creating her bloodline. I don't want to follow the norm as far as Vampire stories go, I want Birthright to be different, so different that readers like yourself will say, "Wow, that was interesting!" And will wait for the sequel to read what happens next.

I'm also wanting to step out of the norm as far a the typical Vampire is concerned. I mean look at Stephanie Meyer's Edward and his family. They shimmer in the light! What Vampire that we know of does that? Did Bram Stokers Vampire do that? Hell no! See what I mean! Although, my Kane is not going to look like some little girl dipped him in a jar full of glitter, nor does my Kane act like Edward...I'd die first!

Keep coming back, I have an idea, it's not concrete, but I am writing the sequel as we speak and Candra at the moment is somewhat of a pain right now and Kane is about had it with her, "Ah, true love!"

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