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Friday, January 27, 2012

Utica Book Signing a success!!

Sorry I'm posting this now, but due to health issues I had , I stayed off the computer for a few days, and not the 2 weeks I had proposed,and rested.

The book signing took place in Utica, Illinois where my story takes place. It was sponsored by Finnegan's Bookstore and hosted by Duffy's Tavern. Many people were going to attend, but on that night we had a snow storm come through, but seven people did show up and I was able to sit down with them and chat away as if they were family.

It was Flo's birthday that night (a fan) and so I sang Happy Birthday to her and she brought along her mother, Sue (great name huh?). We talked and talked as if we had known each other for years. Then a family came in and their daughter had on a t-shirt that said "My boyfriend is a vampire" she was awesome as well as her parents. Her father told me a little history of the town which I found fascinating and got to know a little about themselves as well.

Then my husbands cousins came that night too! They took pictures for me of the event (we forgot our camera) and after the event had ended stayed afterwards with us and had dinner there. By the way, Duffy's tavern has the best food ever!

Back to the event...half-way through the night I read them the opening scene to the Sequel, The Legacy and one of the waitresses there ran in (another big fan of Birthright) and was all excited to hear what the sequel was all about.

I got questions as to is Candra's house here and if so, where. I told them her house is actually in Newark, not far from Utica, but that Eldon's house is in town. They all quessed what restaurant I used in the story where Candra had breakfast her first day back.

The great thing about this was it felt like family. Duffy's owners were so very nice and even made appetizers for the event. Vampire Bat wings (spicy chicken wings) and Anti-vampire bites (garlic bread bites) all of which were soooo good and I thanked Peg (owner) for doing that.

To end, I sold 10 copies and signed posters as well for them. We are in the planning for another event in March and I plan on doing something at Starved Rock where another scene from Birthright takes place.

Am I having fun yet? You bet!


  1. Congrats, my friend. I've done a few now and I always worry that no one will show. So glad those 7 did. The last one I did only about ten showed up.
    Take care.


  2. I know that's what I worry about too! Thanks James!