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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well, I had to write to let all of you know, that I will be keeping off the computer for awhile due to relentless combats with headaches and high blood pressure.
The doctor has put me on a new blood pressure meds that fights both migraines and blood pressure, so...yippie for that and I got myself a blood pressure cuff because I have to keep tabs on it and before I take my Blood Pressure meds, I have to make sure the lower number is above 50.  If not, then I can't take it, it'll lower it too much then.  Ah, the aging process is so full of wonderful events to come....not.
Anyway, I will be doing my art work then and watch loads of TrueBlood DVD's...that and Shirley Temple.
So, if you need me for anything leave a message on FB I will eventually get back on, but I'm thinking the next 2 weeks I'll be gone to just rest.
Keep writing those awesome Friday Flashes (feel bad that I haven't responded to your comments or read yours as well), I don't have to say that, because you guys write so well and I  love all your stories.  Feel free to use my artwork if you want.
As whats his name would say..."I"ll be back!"  (dang, what is his name...)



  1. just rest, take care of yourself.
    you're probably run down.
    we support you and are cheering for you!
    take care!