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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Writing styles

I don't know about you and how you all write, but I've found that whatever I'm reading, my writing tends to lean in that style, whether its Shakespeare (my Dark Love prose), Keri Arthur (Moon lust), Trueblood (Love on the Fly).

So I was just wondering if you have saw that in your own writing? The books I've read, I find that I love the authors, their style and storyline and the strength of their characters. I'm not copying what they write, but it's like with my art project I had to do. I had to pick an artist and copy a piece of work which he had done and then do a second piece using that artists technique and create your own...let's say Raphael! Which I did and which I had given to Gaynor, seeing how she herself had done the same picture as I had done in art class.

So, is it odd that when after I had read something, my writing tends to lean in that style? or am I just an oddity to the writing world. for thought it is.


  1. Hi, Sue. You know, I bet many of us are like that without really thinking about it. I know that if I spend enough time with someone that I begin "stealing" bits of their mannerisms or even expressions. I probably do a little bit of that borrowing when I'm writing, too.


  2. Tough question, Sue. I try to keep my writing to its own distinctive style, but maybe it would take a reader to notice the difference or what might have been "borrowed."