Sunday, August 21, 2011

Untimely Death

Next thing I knew was I was on something flat, cold and uncomfortable. My ankle hurt, and being not too coherent, I went to feel what was wrong, only I couldn’t. Pain shot through my left arm as I moved it. That wasn’t the only pain I felt either, between my legs felt raw too, God who had their jollies off me without me knowing or being able to partake in the fun, but I don’t think there was any fun to be had in the way I felt.

Handcuffs, silver and I must have struggled some without remembering, because my wrists were raw and red.


I tried to get my eyes to focus, but whatever was hampering my sight, was also hampering my recovery too, damn. So, the only thing I could do that didn’t require movement or vision was to hear anything that sounded familiar, like maybe…”Lenny?” I said somewhat loud, nothing. “Lenny?” Then a muffle, faint, but nevertheless, it was still something, but not enough to register who it was or belonged too. I had to get out of these cuffs but being silver, any movement was like a knife cutting through, it also made me terribly weak.

“Lenny are you here?” I yelled this time.

“H…Hadley?” The voice was weak, but oh such a relief.

“I can’t see you, are you alright?” I waited on baited breath, hoping that he was,and that nothing was seriously wrong.

“Y-You sound so close, like below me. I am alright, barely, but yes.”

Below him? What kind of place was this? Below him…could he be, above me then? I looked straight up and there, something dark hung, a body from the outline of it, oddly formed at that.
“I don’t see all of you? I see, your head, arms, maybe your torso, but, damn if you’re above me, how do they have you?” My sight started to un-fog itself, and I was beginning to see why I only saw just parts of him. He hung above me as he had said, but by his ankles, upside down. His arms, pulled out from his sides, tethered to cuffs that had a chains which bolted to the walls of both sides. Shit, he was in an upside down cross position without the cross!

“Lenny, you’re …” He didn’t let me finish.

“Upside down, I know that.” He talked in breathy tones, like each word was a struggle to project out.

“What is this place?” He looked like hell. I wanted to punch, no, kill whoever done this, but who?

“Well, she’s awake I see, aw, and your wrists are raw, red too, no matter. You were so good yesterday, so tight, and oh so juicy, I couldn’t get enough. Damn, there it goes again, I just have to remember last night and my thing gets hot for you. You do turn me on, always have Hadley.”

The voice familiar, oh God and the smell too, “Donovan!” That would explain the soreness. I struggled to see where he was, but being chained down to…”a table? What are your sick plans Donovan? Not that I can’t guess, but clue me in anyway, I’m sure it’ll give your big timber a jolt.”

“Big timber is it? Why, remind me to thank you when I’m finished with your lover there. I plan on cutting off his nuts, just like he did mine. Then I thought I’d let him ooze all over you, sort of a reminder if you will.”

Ok, this sicko has to go and now, but the trick is, how? I couldn’t shift shape into my werewolf form thanks to the silver and I couldn’t move much, but after hearing what was in-store for my viewing pleasure, I didn’t care how bad it was going to hurt, he needed to be killed now.
Donovan wasn’t extremely bright, but he had a wild imagination. In keeping with those thoughts, I decided to get into his mind. Yes, it was my turn to have my jollies. I went in slowly, I wasn’t sure if he was capable of feeling anyone raiding his empty head, and as I pushed my way in deeper, I knew he felt nothing,good. He still had that sappy grin on his face as he sharpened his knife. It was murky, and the thoughts that I was running into would make even the strongest stomach lurch its lunch. I had to work fast, this nut case had big plans not only for Lenny, but for me as well. I began, oh this was too easy, he had no shields. When I had finished, I pulled out. Instantly, as if a light bulb lit up inside his head, he paused. Eyes scrunching like he was thinking, and then stopped all together. Without a word he undid my cuffs around my wrists and ankles and I then took over. I said my goodbyes and it was lights out for Donovan, for good. Going into a mans front pockets was one thing, well, a couple of things. One, it could be pleasurable, depending on the man, and two, this didn't even come close to that, in fact, putting my hand down his pockets, warm and sweaty left much to be desired. I wanted to throwup just then, but fought it back while I dug them out. Carefully, one by one I undid the cuffs, trying to keep a hold on Lenny was like trying to hold up a 3 ton elephant, I hadn't realized how big and strong Lenny really was and how weak I really was. I held onto him though, until I knew he was ok by himself. He looked bad and I wondered if he had the strength to make it out and to the car.

“You sure you’re ok? You look like shit.”

“Thank you for the compliment, so do you.” He half smiled at me and urged me to get him out of here and back home. He was weak, but we did manage to make it out. When I got to where Arch was supposed to be waiting, I found nothing. No car and no Arch.

“Son of a …I told him to stay put!” I searched the area around, but found nothing.

“I need to heal before we go searching.”

I watched as the air around him began to fog up and he began to transform. Bone, sinew crackled and whined as his body morphed larger and his muscle lengthened. It was something to watch, of course, our clothes never did handle the change very well, so we weren’t the kind to buy the popular line of clothing, the cheaply made jeans and shirts did just fine for us. His eyes, never changed from human to wolf though, they still were the same and right now they stared at me.


He eyed me deeper, more intense.

“No, I’ll be alright, I don’t need to shape shift, but if you are feeling better I suggest that you change back so we can find Arch.”

Again, the air where he stood started to fog up and spread. The outer edges crept back into themselves forming the body I remembered and loved. He was a vision, all man and brawn with a touch of caramel silk to his skin, how I wanted to melt into him and be lost forever.

“If I’m not mistaken, I swear you were undressing me with your eyes. Like what you see?” He held his arms out to the sides. His come get me stance. Lord, if he didn’t have his jeans on or what was left of them, I would have attacked him right there on the spot, as it was, I had to restrain myself. Bad timing.

“You know I do and…”I let out a moan of pleasure, “…if it weren’t for that fact that Arch is gone, I’d say partay, but it’ll have to wait.” As much as that pained me to say, I was right and Lenny knew that too.

“Well, let’s get started then shall we, I smelled something just behind me when I shifted, so I’m betting he has to be off in that direction.

So, further north we went, up the road a bit till we came to a side road, gravel and leading deep into the woods. Something I don’t cherish, because when anything felt bad or had gone bad, it usually ended up in the woods and this time was not out of the ordinary, we found the car and Arch.

Dead and mutilated beyond recognition, damn.


  1. Arch got the shaft! Damn! Great story, Sue!


  2. Did I say "damn" too much? I must like the word or something. LOL Thanks Blaze!


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