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Friday, June 17, 2011


Seeing how my Short Story called "Moon Lust" got such great reviews, I have decided to create...

"FangFiction" a Chronicle of the life and times of Hadley Jones the Dhampire. I'm hoping to post them all on Vamplit Publishing as a special section or just under my name (Sue Mydliak) that's already there. Not sure how I want to go about doing this.

You think this be a good idea? Then I thought, when I get enough collected, publish it.

Got a great cover already in mind! LOL


  1. One way or the other, this is a great idea. Ask Gaynor what she thinks. The publication part is a given, though.


  2. Oh, Gaynor wants to make it an ebook and then paperback, she too is liking these as well. Said it has been my writing ever! So, I take an hour off my time and write a new one every night. Look for tomorrow!