Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nights Heat

I didn’t remember how I came to be on my back, but when I realized the change I opened my eyes to find him there. Illuminating, with eyes that drank me in, I kept quite still as he leaned in. His eyes closed and moaned seductively. I wanted to touch him. I wanted him to extinguish the flames that burned deep within me and yet, I was scared. When I proceeded to do so his eyes glared hauntingly and growled.
His lips traveled faintly against my skin, leaving shivers where they touched my neck. He moved slowly, savoring every step as he worked down to my shoulder. I closed my eyes, the excitement building faster and faster, and then he stopped.
My eyes flew opened, I didn’t understand. He floated just above me, with his white shirt unbuttoned. A muscular chest, pale and glistening like diamonds laid before me. It was most breathtaking. I wanted to touch him, to make sure this wasn’t a dream. Slowly, I reached up. He growled softly, I paused. He closed his eyes and so I proceeded cautiously.
He was amazing, rock solid and cool to the touch. My fingers lightly traveled his skin leaving quivers where they had touched. Low and seductive his growls kept sounding from his throat. I continued to explore his body until he seized my wrist in an instant. Staring down at me, he brought it up to his mouth and began to lick. A pleasurable smile crept over his face and continued as if he were having something sweet. His tongue, so cold, soft and yet, so inviting I begged for more. I offered my other wrist to which he didn’t hesitate.
Such a feeling of want came from me. The urge that inflamed me begged for release.
Instinctively, it was if as if he read my mind and lay upon me. Passion consumed my soul to depths that I have never known existed. I relinquished myself to him; I would not let his hunger go unsatisfied.
Morning broke the night and with it, I rose. He was gone but not forgotten for he left his mark. I was his forever.
Sue Mydliak

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