Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deadly Nightmare

Deadly Nightmare by Sue Mydiak
Lies were the only thing that I’ve been told. They do exist, they are real, and you have every right to be afraid.

I died, a long time ago or so I thought. I wasn’t sick, and I wasn’t elderly. Actually, I was only twenty years old. A man killed me. Someone who I thought loved me, who I could depend on, took my life. I don’t remember how, it happened so fast. I only remember waking up on the floor and saw my mother…dead in the next room.
The police had come. I ran to them, I had to tell them I knew who the killer was, but they just ignored me, or did they. I tried to get their attention. I tapped the shoulder of one… but couldn’t. My hand just disappeared into his body. Horrified, I went into panic mode. Am I dead? If so, why am I still here then?

I went over to the hall mirror. Someone had told me that ghosts don’t reflect. Odd that I should think of that, but never the less, I eased my way to its front. I didn’t look up, not right away. I was afraid to see what I might see, or not see. Slowly, I lifted my eyes. The tears came flooding out. There in front of me was…nothing. Disbelief and an overwhelming urge to break the mirror to pieces came into play. I ran outside. The rain, like tear drops, ran down my face and soaked my clothes quickly.

He stood across the street, this stranger. He looked like he could see me, as if he knew me. This familiarity bothered me greatly, but I couldn’t place him. We stared at each other for what seemed like hours, when really five minutes had gone by.

“Has anyone ever told you it’s impolite to stare?” His attitude was smug.

Still too stunned to speak I just shook my head no.

He crossed the street oblivious to the car that was coming toward him. I went to scream out but he leapt over it and continued toward me.

“I said it’s impolite to stare!” Glaring into my eyes, which held me steadfast, they changed to black and ominous.

I was intrigued, and yet, I thought if I relaxed just slightly I’d faint right on the spot.

“I-I’m sorry, but you were staring at me first.” I blew it. I got too bold and realized my mistake. My head banged against the brick wall. Next thing I realized was I could no longer feel the ground. This man, this creature grabbed my neck and hoisted me up.

“You impudent piece of meat, how dare you accuse me. Do you know who I am? What I am capable of doing? Do you?”

Still hanging from his grip I struggled to get the words out, but all I could say was, “No…”

In one swift movement, was thrown across the street. My body slammed against the building. Pain ensued immediately and I gasped for breath. I looked around for anything I could use as a weapon, but saw nothing. Every moment I made sent shooting pain through my body. It was so bad that I wanted to pass out, but feared for my life. He came for me again. Still dazed I tried once more to get away; he just laughed and stomped on my leg. I heard a crack and then again, more pain. I screamed out for mercy.

“Going somewhere are we? I don’t think so. I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson yet. You still haven’t answered my question. Do you know who I am?”

Why was he after me? What did I do to deserve such torture? I didn’t care anymore, I wanted to die, the pain was too unbearable.
“I don’t think you do know me. I don’t think you appreciate all that I’ve done for you, all I promised to do. Such a pity. I’ve wasted precious time on someone like you, someone who doesn’t deserve anything…not even life.” He stared down at me with this pathetic look of caring. I wanted to spit in his face.

I was seething; I didn’t deserve to be treated like a piece of dirt. I scooted myself up to a sitting position. My body throbbed with each move, but I didn’t care. This was my chance to have my say.
“H-how…I’m already dead! Why in the hell do you speak of life as if I’m alive!”

“Oh, but you are alive, I heard your heart pounding in my head and the smell, you are wonderfully fragrant. Oh, so fragrant, that I thirst for none other but you.” His eyes gleamed at the words he spoke, like a child with a bag of candy; the only difference was I was his candy.

This was my end, I resolved myself to that fact. Pushing my back up against the building, I shivered from the cold, it reminded me of him, this stranger. I looked to see if anyone was around who could help, but then I remembered…I’m dead so why am I afraid. I glared at him, I hated how he felt his superiority was to be honored. The hate was like a poison in my mouth, it needed to come out.

“I don’t reflect! I…I, my mother she died before me I saw her body on the floor, just a few feet away! You speak of life, there is no…more…life! Leave me alone, I have done nothing to you. Nothing!” It started slow, but as the poisoned words left my lips they flowed faster and faster. I thrilled at each intensity I gave them. I was in control now.

“You fool. Don’t you feel your own heart? Don’t you feel the fear in it?” He bent down and grabbed my hand and placed it on my chest.

“How can this be? I saw, I know what I saw! It wasn’t a dream…was it?”

“I’m going to ask you one more time and then I’m through. Through with you and all you stand for.”

I didn’t want to speak. I was afraid that if I did, I’d be thrown again .

“Answer me!” he bellowed.

“I-I don’t know.” Stammering out of fear I cringed as I spoke. Every word was like a death sentence.

His eyes had changed to amber, but now, now that his angry got the best of him, they blackened once more, and his lips curled over his teeth, exposing fangs. A low guttural noise came from his throat as he hunched over, ready for the kill.

“I am your father and this is all but a dream.”

The next thing I knew someone was calling my name. I awoke to find myself on the floor…again. My hand shook as I moved it to my neck. A bandage was there, taped. I dug my fingers in, yanked it off, and felt the two holes that I knew would be there….I screamed.

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