Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Markings of the Human Servant

Writing about a vampire is one thing, but to find something that will set your book apart from all these others is another thing.  I wanted my book to be different in that it went a step further into the whole "vampire" genre, a little darker, more mysterious.  So, I thought what better way than that of markings.

A master Vampire when he so wishes or desires can make a human his servant and the neat thing about this is that he doesn't need to be present to do so which makes it even more dark and chilling. The reason for making a human his servant is that it increases his power and when all marks are received this person are the ears, eyes, hands and voice of his master.  He and the human become as one, very in tune with each other.

It's all very magical, the only time that the vampire ever needs to be present to make a mark is during the third mark where the Vampire takes blood from the human and shares his memories and vice a versa.  By now they are more connected through their minds.  Things are shared like emotions, memories, thoughts.

It isn't until the 4th mark that they become as one and like a wedding almost that he speaks..."blood  of my blood, flesh of my flesh, two minds one body, two souls wedded together as one..." or something of that nature.

Sort of makes you tear a bit...no?

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