Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hell Tower

Doing art, such as this,well, this one in particular was difficult. I don't mean creating wise, that in itself was a breeze, but if you knew the tower, what it actually was and stood for...and this may seem strange to you that I would react this way, but I felt like I was doing something bad...not that I was. It's art.

The tower is one of two, and one that I could not go to the very top because I am so scared of heights it's not funny, There was 178 steps to get to the top and I made it to where there was 96 more steps to go, so I was proud of myself for getting that high. I was really doing ok starting out, the staircase was wide and had a very nice solid wall and the steps were solid, but then we got to this particular level and the staircase was now made out of iron, not very wide and you could see through the steps, that's when I said, "no." I literally froze in my steps and begged my husband to let me go back down to that levels landing...I would wait for him. Good thing I did, because as solid as those stairs were, he said they jiggled some (mouth just dropped opened).

Anyway, this place is a Basilica, it's name, Holy Hill and it's located in Wisconsin. You can see it towering above the tree tops as you are driving toward it. Its breath taking. The grounds are beautiful and they have a life size stations of the cross where you walk to each station and pray. They also have a grotto where the Virgin Mary is looking down at you and water is pouring out of the stone...this too is water that is blessed so you can bottle some up and take it home with you (I did). Inside, there is this small, but beautiful chapel, where you'll see crutches and other aids, that people have left as a sign to their miracles of healings. I was in awe.

So, you can see why, when I put blood over this picture and a demon, that I felt that I was doing something wrong.


  1. Vertigo challenge can be rough! Glad you went as far as you did!


  2. I wanted to go all the way, but the more I could see how high I was actually going the more I wanted to back down. It was scary. Thanks though Blaze!


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