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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birthright now in paperback!!!!!

Birthright: Birthright

The very much, long awaited Birthright now in paperback. You don't know what this novel has put me through to get it this far, me and especially Gaynor. Everything that could go wrong with getting a manuscript ready for publishing...happened. Then, when all was fixed and set to go to order for book signings, it happened again!!! I couldn't order, it wouldn't work! "So, close and yet, so far!" (that was a great song too, remember that one?!)

Anyway, I feel like a trueblood author now and I'm tickled pink to see it, to actually hold it in my hands and know that this was something I wrote. My parents would be proud if there were here.

Anyway, get your copy and pass this great bit of news on! Share and share alike!


  1. Congratulations, my friend.:D I should hop on my bicycle and have you sign one for me.