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Friday, May 18, 2012

Moon Lit Sonata

Music filled the midnight air
Its melodic tones did sway
Where bodies twined each other tight
In this festive moon lit night.

Moving slowly with each beat
They seemed to know their plight
But didst not dare to speak such words
In this festive moon lit night.

Clinging as if to say
Their last goodbyes away
Knowing full well where they should be
Waiting for deaths bloody fray.

When all at once the music stopped
The bodies all stood still
And in the distance he did stand
His sword made ready on command.

A shriek so pitched, so high it hurt
The fearful eardrums of our ears
And stilled the beating hearts of those
He had come to kill.

He did not falter his command
The blood did splatter by his hand
Till all laid dead upon the land
Did he complete his ritual rite…
In this festive moon lit night.

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