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Sunday, April 29, 2012

More ways to get yourself out in the public!

If you don't subscribe to Writer's Digest Magazine, may I suggest you do so.   It is a wealth of information that can help you as an author, new one at that, to get the word out, up your game and improve on your gift!

I came across some great information and I'd like to share it with you.  If you're not sure what the heck to do with getting your name out there...BOTTOM LINE:  Don't overlook traditional media outlets to expand your reach and up your credibility.  Any time you spy opportunities to get your name in the public eye, even if you have yet to pitch your novel, go for it!

Even if you don't have any publications to announce yet, start collecting contacts early in your networking process (on your website or blog, and however else you can), so you'll have them ready when big news rolls around.

Build an email list, and give readers every opportunity to join it.  Bring a guestbook to every appearance and ask if people would like to be on your emailing list, children's book author and illustrator Katie Davis says.  "Same goes for anyone who gives me a business card.  Then at pub time, I am prepared to announce the book to people who have requested info."

Davis says that crucial step of asking permission (emailing list) is not only common courtesy, but it builds a better list.  "The worst possible thing is to add people to your mailing list without asking them first.  A list of 1,000 strangers is not as strong as a list of 100 dedicated followers," she says.  "It will make people angry if you send them promotional materials they haven't asked for."

I frequent Super cuts, I've gone to them for years, literally.  So this last Friday, after paying for my hair-cut I left but came right back in and said, "You guys have been cutting my hair for many years and I would just like to say thank you."  That is when I gave them a book mark with my link to my eBook and a code to get it free and then I asked if I could leave some on the counter.  They said, "Sure!  Go ahead!"  So I left a big stack.  THAT'S what I mean about getting your name out there and your book.  Think outside the norm.

Another thing that very same day.  I went to our pharmacy, which also has a post office inside (small town).  I needed to get a bubble envelope for my book, because I was sending it in for a review so that I could participate in a BookFest.  Well, the girl at the counter saw my book and so I told it was mine, I had written it. She read the back of it and squealed because it was about vampires and she loves vampires.  Then she motioned to Nancy, the other worker behind the counter because apparently she likes that genre too and asked how much.  To end this thrilling little story, I have to come back this Tuesday and the one girl is buying my book and Nancy is buying three!  All because I hadn't put my book in the envelope yet.   It's uncanny!  But I sold four books!

The other thing you need to do is this, go to your local library and a lot of them will take a few copies of your book and put them on their shelves.  You need to tell them that you're a local author and find out what you could do to get your book on their shelves.

This is just a few more tips, ideas that I wanted to share with all of you.  I've loads more coming, so keep your eyes peeled to my blog!  Oh!  and thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  :)

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