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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Do's & Don'ts of building a following


1. Local publicity, especially if you live where your novel is set
2.  Book giveaways
3.  A wide-reaching blog tour
4.  Group signings and events
5.  Cultivating a community that fans want to return to
6.  Encouraging or teaching fans how to do what you do
7.  Hosting reader competitions for media or creative work
8.  Ramping up the excitement prior to the book launch


1.  Mass snail-mail campaigns
2.  Non-book (swag) giveaways
3.  A small blog tour
4.  Solo book signings (I don 't agree with this one)
5.  Paid advertising
6.  Book trailers that are merely commercials
7.  Saying "yes" to too many time-consuming requests
8.  Extravagant publication parties

This list of Do's & Don'ts was taken from Writer's Digest Magazine.

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