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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Book Signing Event in Ottawa Successful!

Best book signing ever!  Sold and signed 21 books and I beat the infamous author, Stephen King who did a book signing there and only sold 6!  I was thrilled!  Everyone who saw the event posted in the paper couldn't wait to get their copy.  Some came from an hour away to just get their copy, talk about die hard fans!  I couldn't have been more happier than I was today.
I gave out posters and book markers and talked up a storm to those who came.  We talked how they got interested in Vampires and what got me started...just a breeze it was.  It was like I knew them and we just chatted away and the little ones that came in were so, so cute!  Oh my goodness I got a hug from a two year little boy, he was so sweet!
We're in the planning of yet another event in September at the Book Mouse.  Things are certainly looking up!


  1. That's so very awesome, Sue. Congratulations!


    1. Just saw this...sorry. Thanks Jimmy! It's doing well at this book store actually!