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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Art classes are done...look out sequel here I come!

Ok, I know I haven't been around much, that with art courses at night after working 6 hours with autistic students, and my failing health, I now can sit back without any other issues that have been hampering my ability to write and finish my sequel.

Oh, I have been writing short stories here and there, but with the rave reviews from people who have read Birthright, I really need to focus now on the sequel. I don't plan on taking another art course this next semester because I want to finish this novel by next year...big dreams huh?

Also, I don't if any of you know this, but Birthright goes on consignment at Finnegan's Bookstore in Utica where my story takes place. A book signing to kick it off this coming January, still not sure of the date, I haven't heard back from him. So, I'm hoping for a big success, but I'm not hanging on it though, seems that when I do, it usually doesn't pan out. But I did make an awesome movie of it and a great book poster to put in their window.

So, I'll be in touch more now that things, well some things, have died down a bit. I'll keep you posted on my opening event at Utica.

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