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Monday, October 31, 2011

Coffin Hopping

This was a great experience for me and what a way to meet other authors! Great exposure too!
Although I have to admit I didn't get to visit all the blogs, my busy life gave me hardly anytime to do so. I work seven hours a week with two autistic students and then school at night for my second degree and then on top of all that I have homework to do, which so far I have been able to maintain an "A" status, how I'll never know, but I am. So, trying to get in weekly flash stories for Vamplit and for Tristle press is hard. I often find the only time to write is during test taking time that my students are doing, or my lunch break and I usually can come up with a great story within the 80 minutes that the class is long. My longest story was almost 2000 words, that was "The House of Souls" I recently did.
I would love to win the lottery so that I can quite my job and buy this house I saw in Galena and just write and do my art. That is what I deem a perfect life.
Well, I'll send this out to the void and maybe, just maybe...someone is listening and give me a maybe my book sales go wild and crazy and I can stop work....nah.......nice dream though!

If there are typos, it's because I"m being lazy bu not putting on my glasses.

Thanks everyone who came to visit my blog.

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