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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Birthright CONTEST!

My life was a jigsaw and up until now, the majority of the pieces had been missing. My parents had loved me and I, whether I was their natural daughter or not, had loved them. Kane had put some of the pieces in place for me, he’d given me answers to some of the puzzle, but now we needed to move on and find out about my heritage. I needed to know where I’d come from and I needed to find out about the legacy that was my supposed birthright. I looked up at Kane and in his eyes and I saw everything I needed know.

The contest goes as follows: Leave your name and email and I'll pick three of you to be included in my sequel.


  1. Johanna Katarina Pitcairn

  2. Ooooo, Fun.

  3. I like the little snippet above, very cool! Happy Coffin Hopping (and Halloween!) Anthony J. Rapino. HorrorWriterContest AT gmail DOT com