Saturday, July 23, 2011

Site Trail

I was looking on Google for my novel, and my name just to see what I had going. I came across this link and was amazed at the information it gave me on our site I was also shocked and surprised at my book, Birthright and my name in the "Content Analysis" section and it stated... "Out of the 1,211 unique keywords found on, "birthright" was the most dense."'s home page is 106179 bytes in size. It has 53 (64% have "alt" attribute). Out of the 1,211 unique keywords found on, "birthright" was the most dense.

Meta Description
Not available

Meta Keywords
Not available

Page Size
106.18 KB

42 JPG, 0 GIF, 10 PNG
34 alt tags, 7 title tags
50 internal, 3 external
53 total

Keyword Density

sue mydliak0.74%
carole gill0.66%
grace mahoney0.58%
weeks horrorchat0.5%
issue fridayflash read0.5%
hosts humpday horrorchata0.41%
vamplit publishing hosts0.41%

I don't know how great that is, but I was impressed at the percentage! LOL!

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