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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Philsophers Stone...real or fake?

I love audio books, especially when I am on my way to work and back. The driver's around me are so, so...irritating,annoying, rude, speed demons, and a few other words which I won't say on here because they are inappropriate, but you catch my drift. So I just place in a disk and away I am whisked into another world and if someone durkwad is on my tail, so be it, go around, I am not going to budge.

But I've listened to one other than the one I am listening now (did that make sense?). The last one was about the Salem witch trials, but it was where a girl, a witch, finds out about herself and who she is related too. It takes you back and forth through time,it was very good! It was also a romance type book. The one I am reading now, is about witches, demons and vampires, etc., and both had the same ideas and issues. Both were about the Philosopher's stone (gee, that was in the Harry Potter books as well!), which got me to thinking...did this thing really exist in the alchemist world? Was there such a stone that the witches or alchemists looked for or worst yet, created?

I think I'll do my own research on this stone and see what I can come up with and keep all you readers informed. Most interesting, wouldn't you agree?

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