Sue Mydliak was born in Flint, Michigan. Came to Illinois when she was a little girl and graduated from Downers Grove South. It wasn't until the book Twilight came out did she develop her interest in writing. It was then in 2011, that her first book, Birthright, was published and made best seller the first week it was out. This lead her to make Birthright into a Trilogy. She has written two other books, Night Games and an anniversary book, Forever, which is Birthright's story, but whose story line is different and geared more for adults. She is currently writing two other books, Eternal and Secrets and has finished illustrating a new children's book, JellyBean Turns Three (see her Children's book website, http://susiebbooks.strikingly.com/)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Distorted Beauty

I haven't been around much and for that I do apologize.  I've started back at work and I'm also trying to get my sequel done, but I had to come on and post this awesome story that a dear friend has written about one of my photographs.  It was a unique picture in that its originally suppose to be a street with a lighted oak tree on the left side at night, but that's not how it turned out.  What turned out was a completely different picture that was so beautiful, so you could almost say, "The true beauty of the scene was hidden from the naked eye."  Thank you Lisa, it is a lovely story.

Distorted Beauty (story link)

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