ELSPETH! 5 Star Review!


Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2019

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Excellent read! The author keeps you turning the pages - I wish it had been longer! A good read for all ages.

Early 18th century, Loth, Scotland. A time fraught with fear, as witch trials subdued for years return.

In Elspeth's community, women were often the target of these accusations. Now twelve, Elspeth learns that she is a witch - like her mother - and with it comes a life that will bring them great loss.

Journeying to the Highlands, they follow an omen through a path of dark visions and danger. Soon, Elspeth will need to prove her worth in battles both internal and external.

But in a world dictated by fear, can she win the biggest conflict she has ever faced, and take back what she thought was lost forever?

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