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ELSPETH! 5 Star Review!

  Amazon Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars   Excellent read! Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2019 Verified Purchase Excellent read! The author keeps you turning the pages - I wish it had been longer! A good read for all ages. Early 18th century, Loth, Scotland. A time fraught with fear, as witch trials subdued for years return. In Elspeth's community, women were often the target of these accusations. Now twelve, Elspeth learns that she is a witch - like her mother - and with it comes a life that will bring them great loss. Journeying to the Highlands, they follow an omen through a path of dark visions and danger. Soon, Elspeth will need to prove her worth in battles both internal and external. But in a world dictated by fear, can she win the biggest conflict she has ever faced, and take back what she thought was lost forever?   EBOOK   PAPERBACK     LARGE PRINT    POC
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Book Cover of the Month! Vote now!

Vote here!    My book cover, Elspeth, has been nominated for Cover of the Month. I'm am currently in the 2nd rounds of voting. Please vote for my cover to make it into the 3rd round please. Thank you!

Amazon's Best Seller and my mentor

What can I say about Mary Deal? For one, she is a perfectionist and my dearest friend. We meet a long time ago on Authornation and from then on, we've been in contact with each other ever since. I wanted to show off her books, as they are all very well written and have received numerous awards. You can find them all on Amazon. I promise you, you won't be disappointed in any of them, for her works shows much professionalism. They are hard to put down. It is also my reason for showing her off, due to the fact, that again, she has helped me out. I just recently contracted with a publisher she is also contracted under. She is mentoring me. A seasoned author, such as herself, I am honored. I just hope to stand up to her expectations and not mess up or if I do, pick myself back up and persevere.  I've never let anyone down, not yet, at least. So, I now introduce you all to Mary and some bit of information about her and her books. Buy them! They are that good!   

If you loved Outlander, you will love this book!

It is 1700, Loth, Scotland. Elspeth, who is now twelve, learns that she is a witch and from that day she begins her lessons on her craft, but at some point she learns about her fate as well . . . as does her Mother. They knew that a day would come, in the distant future, that she would eventually be on her own. The omens told her as did her familiar, Bram. Now, after experiencing a tragic event, she must face the world alone. A world where monster exist, but only in the minds of friends and neighbors, whose only lot in life is to seek gratification in the death of someone they friended. Buy Elspeth     

The Untold Purposes of Punctuation Marks

Alright, again, I know I haven't posted anything in awhile. It's been super crazy since March 17th...lockdown! Isolation! 6 feet distances! Not to mention the melting of days into other days and the sheer boredom of trying to keep busy without going stir crazy. For me though, being multi-talented I have and I mean this literally, a room full of art supplies. So, I have been feeding myself with art, because before all this nonsense, I was writing. Now, I have all the time in the world, so art became my choice of recreation if you will. What does this have to do with punctuation marks? Nothing! I'm just spewing jibber jabber. Punctuation marks...what the stylebooks aren't telling you. I am mentoring a new, young, author and so I post stuff like this for him and for others following the path of becoming published. The thing you must know is some more, but for goodness sake READ! Read the genre you are writing about and then when you do, just write.

The Four Ply Vampire

I’d never given much thought to dying- though I’d had my reason enough in the last few months- but even if I had, I wouldn’t have imagined it like this. Then, on top of it all, I survived. I wish I had died. The yearning, the need, the want of the one thing that will sustain my life is becoming extinct. Its texture, soft, sometimes course, but nevertheless, I crave it so much that I have dreams about piles and piles of it. Mountains of it. Such joy it gives my heart and then I wake up to my nightmare. I stared across the long room, into the dark eyes of the hunter, and she looked pleasantly back at me. She’s beautiful. Skin ivory, soft, scented lightly with Jasmine I just want to taste her lips. At least it was a good way to die. I knew that if I’d never gone to China, I wouldn’t be about to die now. But, terrified as I was, I couldn’t bring myself to regret the decision. When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it c

Come to Life!

I go to Barnes and Nobles, not too often, which is sad, but often enough and I buy this journaling book/magazine called, Bella Grace, Life's A Beautiful Journey. It's got beautiful pictures, and thought provoking readings that get you to write. I came across one of it's pages called, Tips for making your writing come to life. So, I thought I would share them with you. * Throw out everything you learned about writing in school. This includes forgetting about five-paragraph essays, introductions that drag along, and long-winded sentences. * Delete your opening paragraph. Some of the most compelling stories drop you right into the middle of them. * WRITE MORE. * Get to the point. Simple sentences are often the best way to go. *READ MORE. * Don't overly complicate things. * Use your true voice. Write your story as though you are telling it to a friend. In fact, try recording it first. This adds an air of authenticity. * Don't be afraid to make up word