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Kane's Story...

1 The Meeting

What do you do when life stops existing?  That you no longer move on, that time as you knew it to be died when you did.  I ask myself these questions over and over again, and no matter how many times I ask them they never made my life…better.  In fact, as the days go by they are a remembrance of how much I hate existing.  I cursed my life as the person who gave it to me.  No, not my mother, for she was so dear, so precious that I missed her.  No the person who gave me my cursed life was a monster, no, a killer and I will have my revenge.
I come out when the sun goes down.  Like a hunter of the night, I feed and work where I can, but not for very long, people have a way of suspecting the truths of your life.  It’s been a living hell and if I could change it I would, but I can’t and for that reason I am forever bound by this life as an immortal.
It wasn’t until I met a man, someone like me who gave me a chance for normalcy.   His name was Charles Rosewood.  He knew right away of what I was and took pity on my plight.  Without as much as an inquiry he gave me a job on his property as his grounds keeper.  His wife, a beautiful woman, always found time to talk to me and for once I felt…useful.
As the days past, I found myself invited over for tea and a few times dinner.   It was good to talk to someone who, like me, experienced the pain that this existence gave.   I wasn’t alone as I had previously thought and knowing that gave some peace of mind, but I sensed a fear not just in him, but in his wife as well.  They told me of their family history, all its complexities and dangers.   They also told me of their daughter, who at the time was away at school…Candra.  For whatever purposes, they confessed to me their well-kept secret and confided in me that they feared for their lives and of their daughter.  Within the coven it became strained and they offered me a new position…to be Candra’s bodyguard.
Surprised that they trusted me, not that I couldn’t, but I was by all standards a worker, a keeper of their grounds…a gardener.  I looked at them perplexed at first, and then when I saw how much they feared for their daughter’s life, I accepted without question.  He made it clear that I was not to make myself present, to hide within the shadows and watch her every waking move.  Being a vampire I had no problem doing just that, for that is what I did best.  I was to start immediately and was told of the school she attended and paid me handsomely.
The next evening I headed for Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.  It didn’t take me long.    Looking around the grounds I could see things seemed as normal as ever, which didn’t settle well with me.  Conflicts within a coven are never good.   She resided in Geisert Hall and being the tallest building there made it easy to find.
It began…and I waited.
I waited for that precise moment when I knew all would be asleep and I would enter to find her.  In the darkened halls I walked.  I listened.  I breathed in every scent that lingered in the air and found it difficult to control my urges.  Every heart beat sounded in my head, every exhale I felt caressing my skin till it prickled from excitement.  I had to find her soon or I would not be able to control my animal instincts and then, on the top floor I found her.   It was her scent that caught my attention, thick and delicately sweet.  My God could a human be that luscious? It wasn’t so much her blood that I craved, but her energy was so vital, so strong that it stirred feeling deep inside me that I thought died when I did.  She made them come alive.  A re-birth if you will. 
I opened her door and there, to the left, she slept.  The light, cast from the moon shone on her hair just so that it took my breath away.  It was like fire, in short wisps that touched her pale face so softly.  I neared her even more and her scent made my mouth water and I leaned in to breathe in deeper.  Fine wine she was.
“I want you.”  I whispered and that night I not only vowed to keep her safe, but to make her mine.  

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